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How Magnolia + Pine Photography was born!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Edited on 03.13.2022

Hello all! I am SO excited that you have found my website! Magnolia + Pine Photography launched in 2020 as a two-person female photography team based out of Johnston County, North Carolina! We had two photographers, Leah + Taylor!

Photographer Leah

Photographer Taylor


I met Taylor back in 2018 when she started dating her (now) husband, who happens to be my husband's best friend! They grew up going to the same church together, and they often ditch us to go fishing on the weekends. We're very blessed that they both have been so supportive of us pursuing our second careers in photography! Occasionally you'll even catch one of them helping out at our events.

Our husbands doing what they love!

I work full time as an Environmental Specialist. My office is located in Raleigh, but my work takes me all over the country! I routinely travel to Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama to visit clients. My work mainly focuses on ensuring industrial facilities are upholding environmental regulations and ensuring their manufacturing activities are not resulting in environmental contamination. I received my B.S. in geology from Temple University (located in Philadelphia, PA) in 2017, and my M.S. in geology from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) in 2019.

This picture was taken in July of 2018 along the Third Creek Greenway in Knoxville, TN, while I was taking soil samples for my Masters Thesis.

Taylor has spent the past five years working as a kindergarten teacher in various school districts across eastern North Carolina! She graduated from East Carolina University in 2016 with her degree in teaching. She is very excited to begin her first year as a first grade teacher at a new school in a few short weeks!

Taylor standing in front of her classroom on the first day of classes, 2019.

Taylor and I both always had a love of photography. When I was a little kid, I used to love taking pictures with those disposable plastic cameras. I remember how it seemed like it took forever to get them developed! My dad loves telling this story about our family trip to Disney World when I was five. Apparently we went to a German restaurant and there was a live band. I wanted to take pictures of the band, so my dad gave me his camera and figured it would be a waste of a roll of film, but at least I'd have fun. When they got back from the trip and had the photos developed, he said they were some of the best shots from the whole trip!

The Covid-19 lockdown gave Taylor and me the chance to take the time to really develop our photography skill set! We both shot on Nikon cameras, and spent countless hours during lockdown taking online classes, watching tutorials, and adding to our skill set. Of course, one of the most wonderful things about photography is that you're always learning and bettering your craft!

Taylor in action!

Leah in action!

At the end of 2021, Taylor decided to take a step back from photography to focus on her teaching career and family. She and her husband are currently expecting their first child, a baby boy, in July of 2022! I (Leah) am now the sole owner and photographer for Magnolia + Pine Photography.

I can't wait to work with you!!

~ Leah

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