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Senior Ambassador Program FAQ's

Capture your senior year through this unique experience!

Q: What is a Senior Ambassador? 

A: A Senior Ambassador is a senior or junior in high school who is exclusively photographed by and represents Magnolia + Pine Photography.

Q: Who is eligible for the 2024-2025 Senior Ambassador Program?

A: Any high school student who will be graduating in 2025 or 2026. The location of you high school does not matter, however, the majority of the Senior Ambassador shoots will take place in Johnston and Wake counties. Ambassadors should have access to transportation to shoots as it will not be provided. Students who are homeschooled or attend school online are also eligible for the program.


Q: What makes a great Senior Ambassador?

A: Being a Senior Ambassador is not about having a certain "look" and no modeling experience is required or expected. The ideal Ambassador is someone who brings passion and energy to every session. They love having their photo taken and making new friends. Dressing up and exploring new locations is exciting to them. A person who is looking forward to their last year(s) in high school and is searching for a unique and fun way to celebrate this time in their life.  

Q: Who should apply for the Senior Ambassador Program?

A: Anyone graduating high school in 2025 or 2026 who loves being in front of the camera! The program is especially great for anyone who wants to be a model (because you get so many photos), has an interest in photography (because you get to work closely with me throughout the year), loves making new friends (because you will meet folks from all different school districts). 


Q: How do I become a Senior Ambassador?

A: The first step is to submit an application. Applications will be live from February 1, 2024 through March 15, 2024. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. You will be notified in April if you have been accepted as a 2024-2025 Senior Ambassador. 

Q: If I am chosen as a Senior Ambassador as a junior, can I participate again as a senior?

A: Absolutely! If you loved being a part of the program as a junior, I'd love to see you apply again as a senior! However, participation two years in a row is not guaranteed. 

Q: What do I get as a Senior Ambassador?

A: You get to participate in fun themed shoots throughout the school year! There will be at least six team shoots available for you to attend in addition to your individual session. These shoots are a great way for us to get to know each other before your senior session! This means you will be more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera for your individual photos. These sessions allow you the opportunity to bring your creativity and sense of style to your images! Senior Ambassadors also have access to exclusive Bonus Sessions and discounts on print products. You will also get to participate in fun community events including local Christmas parades. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the Senior Ambassador Sessions?

A: Of course! These shoots are typically seasonal or themed. Examples of past shoots are: Fall Vineyard Shoot, Pumpkin Patch Shoot, Cap and Gown Shoot, and Next Steps Shoot. Shoots included with the program vary from year to year. You will receive a full online proof gallery and 3 free images from each session with the option to purchase additional images. It is expected that Senior Ambassadors share images from their sessions on their social media account and tag Magnolia + Pine Photography in the post. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the Bonus Sessions?

A. Yes! These are themed sessions offered in addition to the 6 shoots included in the program. These sessions do cost extra. Cost is approximately $100 per bonus session but does vary depending on the particular session. Examples of previous Bonus Shoots include: NC State Fair Shoot, Valentine's Day Shoot, and Mother's Day Shoot. Participation in Bonus Sessions is not required for the  Senior Ambassador Program. 

Q: What is the cost to participate in the Senior Ambassador Program?

A. The cost for the Senior Ambassador Program is 100% FREE with the purchase of your senior session! You can choose from the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Packages. In additional to all of the Senior Ambassador shoots, you will also get your individual senior portrait session. As an added perk, Senior Ambassadors get the first choice of session dates for their senior portrait session.  (If you are a junior, your "senior session" would be a portrait session). 

Q: What is the time commitment? 

A. The only commitment is your senior portrait session. Besides that, what you get out of your Senior Ambassador Experience is up to you! I understand that my ambassadors have school, work, and extracurricular commitments. Once ambassadors are chosen for the program, I will send out a survey to gauge everyone's availability. I will then put together a schedule for all the sessions, and you can come to every shoot that works with your availability. 

Q: Do I get anything if I refer a friend? 

A. Yes! Truth be told, my business does better when you refer your friends! After you've been accepted to the program, you will be assigned a referral code. When anyone books using your code, they will receive 10% off their session and you will get refunded 10% of the total cost of your Senior Session! There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, which means you have the opportunity to get your entire Senior Experience for FREE!

Have more questions about the Senior Ambassador Program? 

I am always happy to answer any questions from seniors and parents! Send me a message with your question(s), and I will get back to you via email. We can also set up a virtual meeting if that best suits your needs! 

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